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Medical Adhesive Tape

Adhesive Tape
  • Medical Surgical Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape

    Medical Surgical Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape

    Zinc oxide plaster Features: Package: simple package tube package plastic package metal package Material: 100% cotton farbic Colors: white (full bleached/half bleached) light brown dark brown Performance: waterproof permeable Yarn count and density (warp and weft): 32s/65×65...

  • Medical Surgical Sports Tape

    Medical Surgical Sports Tape

    Sports tape Features: Strong woven cotton backing provide high tensile strength and support to highly active patients. Powerful adhesive is designed for long lasting adhesion with minimal residue. Highly porous construction allows the skin to breathe and permits moisture...

  • Medical Surgical Kinesiology Tape

    Medical Surgical Kinesiology Tape

    Kinesiology tape Features: Comfortable substrate Allow full of motion Soft and breathable Provide consistent compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation. Stable stretch and reliable stickiness Special method of adhesive and it can be waterproof Supporting...

  • Medical Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Medical Autoclave Sterilization Indicator Tape

    Usage scope: it mainly applies to indicate whether various pressure steam sterilization pouches have been sterilized. Additionally, it can also be used as brand or label on various package. Usage: I ntercept proper length tape, paste it to the surface of pending sterilized...

  • Medical Surgical Non-woven Tape

    Medical Surgical Non-woven Tape

    Non-woven tape Features: Material: non-woven Color: skin or white color Glue: acrylic acid glue Breathable and comfortable Low allergenic Latex free Easy to adherence and tear

  • Medical Surgical PE Tape

    Medical Surgical PE Tape

    PE tape Features: Color: transparent Glue: hot melt or acrylic acid glue PE material with micro-holes Hypoallergenic Good air permeability Soft and comfortable Easy tear by hand in longitude and latitude directions

  • Medical Non-woven Silicone Tape

    Medical Non-woven Silicone Tape

    Feature: 1.Gentle on the skin and painless to remove. 2.Reusable,does not stick to hair and leaves no residue. 3.Easy to use and hypoallergenic,with good adhesion. 4.Waterpoof,but permeable 5.Non woven fabric material,breathable and soft. Specification:

  • Medical Surgical Silk Tape

    Medical Surgical Silk Tape

    Silk tape Features: Material: silk Color: skin or white color Glue: acrylic and glue Soft. thin breathable, flexible with movement Easily torn without residue High strength and adhesion Variety of widths

  • Medical Surgical Capsicum Plaster

    Medical Surgical Capsicum Plaster

    Capsicum plaster Product description: It is porous zinc oxide plaster, and contains capsaicine Feature: breathable, activating blood and alleviating pain, help ease the pain caused by joints and muscles. Intend use: relieve body aches and pains Base material: cotton Color:...

  • Medical PU Underwrap Foam Tape

    Medical PU Underwrap Foam Tape

    Features: *No adhesive residue upon removal; *The thin lightweight foam provides a barrier between the skin and the tape in order to protect the skin from friction and chafing; *It comes off the roll smoothly and conforms to be body part that is about to be taped; *Air...

  • Medical Surgical Band-aid

    Medical Surgical Band-aid

    Plaster/bandage Feature: 1.Coating with hypoallergenic adhesive and place absorbent pad on the centre. 2.It is used widely to care in little wound. Base material: Non-woven and comfortable fabric, flexible fabric. Tough strong fabric and cotton fabric, plastic film, clear...

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