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Diagnosis Series

  • Medical LCD Digital Thermometer

    Medical LCD Digital Thermometer

    Precaution: 1. For in vitro diagnostic use only. 2. Do not use after expiration date. 3. Test device should remain sealed until use. Procedure & Result Interpretation

  • Medical Clinical Mercury Thermometer

    Medical Clinical Mercury Thermometer

    Clinic Mercury Thermometer- A. Type- 1. Oral 2. Rectal 3. Armpit (Size: S, M, L) B. Temperature Range 35.0 - 42.0ºC (89.6 - 109.4ºF) C. Black Back & Yellow Back

  • Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer

    Medical Digital Infrared Thermometer

    Features 1) Display range: 34.0 o C ~44.0 o C(93.2 o F ~111.2 o F). 2) Accuracy: ±0.2 o C(±0.4 o F). 3) Min. scale: 0.1. 4) Memory: 10 recordings. 5) Measurement time (reference only): 1 second. 6) Beeper function. 7) Auto shut-off (1min after idle). 8) Battery: AAA x 2,...

  • Nipple-like Digital Pacifier Thermometer

    Nipple-like Digital Pacifier Thermometer

    Features: 1. Nipple shape makes it very easy to use 2. 0.1C accuracy and fast response 3. Easy to read 3 1 / 2 LCD display 4. Last reading memory display 5. Beep alarm when peak temperature is reached 6. Auto shut - off function 7. Without mercury, suitable for use at home...

  • Portable External Defibrillator

    Portable External Defibrillator

    HD-9000A Features *Monophasic Defibrillator *Non-synchronizer:outlife difibrillator *Energy:0,3,5,7,10,20,30,50,100,200,300,360 joule *Charging time: At 360J less than 10 sec *Paddle options: Reusable external adult and pediatric paddles *Operates from the mains (AC) and with...

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