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Disposable Common Consumables

  • Disposable Medical Plastic Tweezers

    Disposable Medical Plastic Tweezers

    Features: *Can be applied for cosmetic, home and hospital use *Can take the place of steel tweezers *We can supply various plastic tweezers *Different sizes available to meet different use requirements

  • Disposable Medical Guedel Nasal Oropharyngeal Airway

    Disposable Medical Guedel Nasal Oropharyngeal Airway

    Feature: *Guedel Airway with colored mark --color coded for easy identification of size; --size:40mm,50mm,60mm,70mm,80mm,90mm,100mm,110mm,120mm --made of polypropylene. *Guedel Airway with smooth flanges --one piece with smooth flanges;...

  • Disposable Sterile PVC Laryngeal Mask

    Disposable Sterile PVC Laryngeal Mask

    Feature 1. Made of pure medical grade silicone, has good biocompatibility, non-toxic. 2. Exclusive soft seal cuff can be inserted comfortable, minimizing potential trauma and increasing sealing. 3. Have different sizes, suitable for neonate, infant, children and adult.

  • Disposable Medical Heparin Cap

    Disposable Medical Heparin Cap

    Features: *Material: PC; Synthetic rubber plug *Function: Used together with the arterial and venous cannula, preventing the reflux of blood coagulation when patients are under injection and infusion *Advantage: Fine material(pc), tight-fitting; very smooth, without any edges...

  • Disposable Sterile Three Way Stopcock

    Disposable Sterile Three Way Stopcock

    Features: 1. Smooth and free operation with arrow marks to indicate flow of fluids; 2. Lipid resistant,completely transparent and with minimal dead space; 3. Can be connected to any standard product; 4. Very flexible with 360° rotation.

  • Medical Disposable Ventilator Breathing Circuit

    Medical Disposable Ventilator Breathing Circuit

    Feature: 1.The disposable breathing circuit is used in a preferential flow T-piece and critical care ventilators. 2.The disposable breathing circuit is in combination with Tracheal Tube/or Heat And Moisture Exchanger Filter and respiratory -machine, offer a simple,...

  • Disposable Drainable Colostomy Bags

    Disposable Drainable Colostomy Bags

    Features: *Unique hydrocolloid formula *Tape around baseplate can prevent edge warping and edge dissolution when have a bath *Bag shape is suitable for human's abdomen *Built-in carbon filter can separate odor and leakage *The inside active carbon filters of colostomy...

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